xtdoll brand story

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Before founding the xtdoll team, I experienced 4 failed entrepreneurial journeys in my life. At that time, I was exhausted physically and mentally, with a debt of more than 2 million, but faced with the pressure of life, I had to move forward with a heavy burden. I returned to my Internet industry During my 3-year tenure, I also led to the rise of an Internet company. During this period, I also paid off all my debts, and I still had 350,000 yuan left. This inspired me to start a business again. After all, no matter how brilliant the company is Rise that is not mine either.
At that time, I had two longing projects in my hands, one was the catering industry – stewed soft-shelled turtle, and the other was the doll industry. At that time, I couldn’t make a choice, so I discussed with my wife who was pregnant at the time. If I had a girl, I would go into the catering business. If I had a boy, I would go into the physical doll business. Half a month later, my child was born, of course, a lively big boy. A month later, I resigned from the company and started my fifth venture.
In half a year, I visited more than 30 processing workshops and more than 20 material suppliers in the doll industry. My first impression was that the production environment was dirty, messy, and there was no production standard. Although the dolls produced had simple Function, but there is no exquisite doll, no sense of realism, I express great regret, and because of this, I smell the breath of opportunity after many years in the Internet.
Be the first super realistic wax figure physical doll in the industry! At that time, my friend was very supportive of my idea, and borrowed 650,000 from me to raise 1 million to start the xtdoll team.
At first, we found a workshop for carving wax figures to cooperate with, and hired a beautiful junior student who was studying at the time as a model. We thought everything was going very smoothly, but this is the first in the industry, and no one has done it before. Shooting one after another , one engraving, and one mold opening cost me nearly 300,000 RMB in just one month. This made me break out in a cold sweat. I stayed up all night during that time, leaving human-shaped sweat stains on the bed in that cheap rental house that I couldn’t wash off. After more than 20 revisions, our xtdoll team finally determined the first physical doll “Mo Xiaodi” in the industry, with exquisite makeup and super realistic shape. At that time, the overall cost of xtdoll had reached 800,000… ..
I remember that at the end of November 2018, after we launched the wax figure silicone head + real person molded body, it immediately attracted the attention and discussion of the entire industry, which was mixed with the support of baby friends and the siege of businesses.
In the first few months, I could sell about 30 per month, which made me very excited. xtdoll organized the first hot pot dinner since its establishment. During the period, we also discussed the future development route of xtdoll: innovation, making xtdoll the most Innovative product teams.
The basic line has been established, followed by action. In April 2021, we will form an 8-member team independently within the xtdoll team, specializing in the innovation of physical dolls, the innovation of skeletons, the innovation of S-level makeup upgrades, the innovation of finger bones, and realistic The research and development innovation of the oral cavity, the innovation of the toe bone, etc. These functional innovations have also been imitated and researched by various manufacturers in the industry. So far, the physical doll industry has only begun to truly reform.
In 2023, our team will continue to expand, and the members of the innovation team will also expand from the original 8 people to the current 18 people. Our business has also changed from the original retail to the current brand retail + brand agency, but our mission and purpose Unchanged: To provide brand customers with innovative blood and products that customers like.

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