Anti-puncture articulated fingers

XTDOLL is committed to innovation, and the significance of innovation lies in solving more substantial problems encountered by most customers.
Puncture-resistant fingers are one of them. In fact, we have been paying attention to this issue for a long time, whether it is customer feedback or information collected on the forum. Finger puncture is a common problem in this industry. At present, we have completely solved this problem.
After one and a half months of our innovation team, we have formulated a new material with more toughness and the same softness based on the original hard hand material. We commonly call it “X” hard hand material, which can better protect objects like spikes. At the same time, we changed the structure of the joint phalanges to make it blunt as a whole. Under the simultaneous action of the two, a new process option of puncture-resistant fingers was produced.
Many people also wonder whether the hand X material and the body material are compatible, and whether there will be obvious stratification. Here I can tell you that the hand X material can be perfectly integrated with the body material, with only a slight transition at the junction, and the effect is better than before. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see it.
But please don’t imitate the extreme operation test in our video. After all, dolls need careful care and maintenance to accompany them for a long time.