Innovative Head Connectors

Welcome to the XTDoll Team Innovation R&D Center. As sexy dolls are accepted by more and more people, people also put forward more needs and requirements to improve sexy dolls. What we do is to be at the forefront of the industry and to innovate More and better features and doll construction.
The wiggle head that bothers a lot of doll lovers is the head connector. The old version of the head connector will drive the neck to rotate when the head is turned, and the head is easy to loose and not fixed. After a month of non-stop research, we have completely solved the above problems.
The emergence of the innovative version of the head connector has solved the above problems, making the head posture of the sexy doll swing more easily and in all directions. The innovative version of the head connector can make the head swing alone or together with the neck when the head swings, which perfectly restores some special movements made by humans. I think this is an excellent innovation for doll photography lovers.