XT Doll Official Website Announcement # 1

Dear XT Doll friends,

How are you?

We are excited to announce the launch of our official website – www.xtdoll.com

As many XT Doll fans may have noticed, it’s been a while since we’ve been active in TDF. We received so much love and support from our fans and which greatly encouraged us. We are committed to bringing XT Doll into every family that needs it. We want love and companionship to be accessible to everyone.

At the heart of the XT Doll brand is a strong belief that it’s more than a lifelike sex doll and more than a name. It’s a whole lifestyle, a concept celebrating the multiple lifestyles and love that our love dolls bring to XT Doll fans worldwide.

Why do we need this official website?

Better Service to Customers
After a period of investigation, we found that there were illegal merchants selling pirated or fake XT dolls in the market. This is a serious violation of our rights and those of our fans. To protect our customers, we’ve introduced an anti-fake system that will help them identify whether their XT dolls are genuine or not.